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Gold Coast Business Services

Today's market demands sophisticated representation. Choosing products /Services and a firm with the experience, market knowledge, professionalism and client confidentiality to represent your best interests is what will determine how successful your experience will be. We Gold Coast International will provide just that, tireless advocacy backed by years of experience and commitment. Let us help you to represent your products in Bahrain and Saudi Arabian Market!

Gold Coast Business Services Company is a Bahrain based multidisciplinary business development firm that is committed to assisting foreign firms in their market expansion drive in Gulf countries like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia. Our deep understanding of the Saudi and Bahrain market place serves as an accelerator to our clients' sales expansion projects. With a network of experienced consultants, professionals and associates who are experts with practical business experiences in their various fields, we are well equipped to deal with your gulf market entry. Our sound understanding of the culture and the language of this interesting market ensure that your products and services are offered to the market in the most appropriate way.

We Offer

  • Consultancy in regulatory affairs for representing international products.
  • Sales representation for hotels, resorts and management rights properties in all key market Outbound hotel sales representation for properties in Middle East as well as throughout Asia.
  • Representation for Manufactures products and services regulated in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.
  • International Trade Services.